“I have actually worked with Murphy in two capacities. First in Prescott Arizona where she was a reporter for the local newspaper and second here in Phoneix in the legislative arena. In both situations I found Murphy to be extremely competent, honest and charming. She is a pleasure to know.” November 17, 2009 Dale Wiebusch, Legislative Associate, League of AZ Cities and Towns

“Murphy is a creative, driven and dedicated worker who prides herself on her craft and professionalism. She is a pleasure to work with, and I look forward to an opportunity to collaborate with her again in the near future.” November 17, 2009 Nicole Gropp, Web Marketing Manager, Graphic Designer, Roam Secure

“Murphy is smart and creative. She is great at written and verbal communication, and she has wonderful people skills.” November 17, 2009 Jennifer Singleterry, Assistant Director, Public Affairs and Advocacy Institute, Center for Congressional and Presidential Studies, American University

“Murphy excels at anything she puts her mind to, and it’s an expansive mind. She is very organized and is able to see the larger picture. Her communication skills are excellent and her love of the job is ever present. I highly recommend Murphy, she is an asset to everyone.” November 17, 2009 Jeannine Wender, President, Wender Mitigation Consulting, Inc.

“Murphy and I worked together at The Prague Post, and it was quite a blow to both the lifestyle magazine we worked on and myself when she left! Murphy’s excellent attitude was what made her such a wonderful person to work with. No matter how unpleasant the article may have been Murphy tackled it with good humor and returned with great copy. For any project, I can highly recommend Murphy in any situation for her brains, good sense and overall wonderfulness!” November 16, 2009 Jacy Meyer, Editor, Fast Lane, The Prague Post

“I first worked with Murphy at the ASU college newspaper and have since collaborated with her a number of times, most recently on a scholarship committee that seeks to give back to ASU student media. She works hard. She works well with others. She works always. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Every company needs a Murphy.” November 16, 2009 Justin Doom, Arizona State University

“Murphy joined the Arizona Center for Afterschool Excellence staff to enhance its advocacy efforts. Her ability to develop relationships and effectively communicate to diverse audiences was of great benefit to our work. Murphy is goal oriented and analytical in her work.” September 9, 2010 Kim Morgan, Associate Director, Arizona Center for Afterschool Excellence

“While working as a consultant for the State of Arizona’s Transportation Department in the implementation of an aggressive freeway construction program in metropolitan Phoenix, Murphy was a key player in the department’s community affairs efforts. Working with a regional team, she coordinated project implementation and public involvement for the construction of critical established interstate routes and navigated the challenging process of studying new alignments. Murphy was constantly professional, demonstrated initiative and expertise, and was universally applauded for her ability to work with a variety of stakeholders at the appropriate level. Murphy served the Transportation Department well, and was a valued member of the team. As the director managing the regional efforts, I received regular reports about Murphy — stakeholders impressed by her knowledge, ease of working in the field, attention to detail, and great will-do spirit.” September 3, 2010 “Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity” Timothy Tait, Arizona Department of Transportation

“C. Murphy Hebert is organized, skilled, and highly creative/imaginative. She is truly a creative problem-solver who can then implement the solutions she invents. Carole Edelsky, Ph.D.” September 2, 2010 Carole Edelsky, Professor Arizona State University, mom retired, Earthlink

“I got to know Murphy when we worked together at the State Press at ASU, and have known her ever since. She’s energetic, dependable and truly the kind of person that’s fun to do business with. I highly recommend her.” September 2, 2010 Adam Kress, Board member, State Press Alumni Club

“Murphy knows how to report, write and meet deadlines. She’ll do great in whatever she chooses to do.” September 2, 2010 Bruce Itule, Professor, Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Telecommunications, Arizona State University

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